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This Fencing is used in the Entertainment Industry/ Special Events/ Concerts/ Shows/ Construction Sites/ Sporting Events/ Expos, & Political Rallies.  Anywhere where the safety of the public is your number one concern for Safe, Fast and Speedily Erected fencing.

PICKET FENCING is also available 900mm high and 2m wide.

BARRIER/FRONT OF STAGE Fencing is also available for hire.

INKUNZI FENCING is dedicated to selling a superior service and in particular, exercising discipline to ensure success, flexibility, ethical decision making, honesty and providing service based on sound business principles. INKUNZI FENCING specialises in supplying free standing speedily erected crowd control fencing (commonly known as speed fence) for Construction Sites, Special Events such as concerts, shows, international events such as the World Summit, ICC World Cup Cricket, national events such as AIDS day, sporting events, exhibitions and rallies. Picket Fencing 900mm wide x 2m high is also available.

The company is young and dynamic and it is motivated by providing service excellence to meet the customer's requirements. The prices for the fencing is negotiable and the staff are able to respond to a request at short notice.

Crowd Control Fences measure 2m x 2m and 1.2m x 2m straight and 1.2m x 2m slant, and meets all applicable safety specifications. No job is too big or too small for INKUNZI FENCING.

The following is also available:

PICKET FENCING - 900mm high and 2m wide.  Can be viewed in picture gallery.

BARRIER/FRONT OF STAGE Fencing - can be viewed in picture gallery.

INKUNZI FENCING ensures that production schedules are adhered to, to ensure all deadlines are met. INKUNZI FENCING is insured for Public Liability.

INKUNZI FENCING has branches in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.


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